2023 Word Key Tag

New Year – Inspire your 2023

We have all set plenty of New Year’s Resolutions only to have them fail before the first week of the new year is history.

Several years ago, I started choosing a single word to inspire me through the year. It has been an interesting experiment – especially now, looking back at the words selected on January 1 – then seeing what the year turned out to be.


2018 – It was difficult to be grateful when my world was falling apart, but while I practiced gratitude, God was rebuilding and restoring in ways I would never have imagined.


2019 – I really focused on being present with the kids – including watching and discussing 23 Marvel movies with them. I learned a lot by being present.


2020 – There were so many things that required being brave in 2020 – of course, there was Covid, but there was also resigning from a ministry I loved, accepting a new ministry assignment — then there was caring for mom … it was certainly a year of developing strong “brave” muscles.


2021 – Following close after brave was fearless, which was necessary for living into the brave decisions of 2020. Being fearless allowed me to live into some hard decisions without regret. it wasn’t always graceful or beautiful, but I’m grateful for the year of living fearlessly.


2022 – is the anchor which holds us steadfast to the promises of God. I choose to seize the hope of Christ as I boldly — or should I say, as I live with gratitude, intentionally remaining present in the moments I’ve been gifted, while bravely facing each new day without fear.


2023 – It is time to imagine my life from a new perspective, with new options, and new outcomes. I can’t imagine what 2023 will hold for me, or how choosing to imagine and reimagine will impact the outcomes of this year, but I have to commit that this word, like previous words of the year, excites me.

Now, it is your turn. What word inspires you as you think about the year ahead?

Choose a word – place your order today for a key tag to help keep the word in front of you through each day of the new year. Make 2023 a year of purposeful living.