About Us

This is Tazi. She is the inspiration behind Tazi Inspired.
Tazi is a 10-month-old rescue Chihuahua who tips the scale at just under 2 lbs.

Tazi is strong-willed, courageous, bold, and independent.

When she is not sleeping, she likes to play with soft, squeaky toys. Her current favorite is a hedgehog that her big sister Mugglett, a 24-year-old white Malti-tzu, likes to steal from the toy basket and hide where Tazi can't find it.

Anytime Tazi isn't happy, she screams like a pterodactyl.

After a long day alone in the kennel, she is happy on my lap or in the bed. She loves to snuggle.

Join me and let's see what Tazi will inspire in us today.

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AP Lazer

about us

About Tazi Inspired

Tammy’s background includes decades of working with schools, small businesses, and non-profit organizations. She has a vast knowledge of fundraising, design, marketing, and digital media.
Tammy holds a Ph.D. in Higher Education, serves global education, and is a professional leadership coach.

At the heart of our company is a commitment to helping others shine and succeed. We are here to support you in any way we can – whether you need an award or, a creative way to recognize volunteers or a co-worker’s achievement, or a fundraiser to bring your projects to life through custom, personalizable drinkware, jewelry, or other laser engraved items.  Whether you need an overarching campaign or a simple fundraiser, we can help you design customized products to generate funds, carry your message near and far, and build new relationships.

Beyond fundraising, our team will assist and create customized personal gifts, awards, houseware, accessories, and memorials for any occasion.

What makes us different?  Our custom engraving uses quality products, not just the cheapest we can get to pass on for the lowest price.  Every piece is made with the customer in mind and customized to fit your expectations. Our fundraisers are one of a kind – you only pay for what you sell. And with profits up to 40% funding your next project just got easier!  We hope you smile every time you see your custom-engraved product.  Let’s collaborate and engrave your imagination.

About Us

Digital Design & Engraving started in 2022 out of Gregg’s garage in Clinton, Missouri.  From the very beginning this custom engraving business has been owned and operated by Gregg & Tammy.  We started while still dating and relocated the business to Kansas City after we were married.  Tammy’s children assist with concepts, photography and some marketing.


AP Lazer